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If you are looking for business jargon, you’ve come to the wrong place! Sure,
we know a lot about people and motivation and potential. It’s an industry our
parent company, Maritz has been leading for more than 100 years. But we’re
not going to bog you down with all of that here.

We believe that you know about recognition and the impact it can have on
your people; and more importantly you know what works in your company
better than we do. Our team is committed to creating tools for recognition
and rewards that are both easy and effective … and then getting out of your
way so that you can run your business.


Earning recognition for extra effort is very meaningful. It causes people to form
a deeper connection with their manager and your company … and that’s the
result you’re seeking. However a person’s motivation comes from a lot of differ-
ent places and a one-size-fits-all motivation program simply won’t fit anyone.

Our design approach focuses on giving managers tools to recognize perfor-
mance on their terms, while offering your employees the benefit of their very
own award bank account where they can save up for awards of their choice
with real “trophy value”. URewards is an “app” that offers members and manag-
ers what is truly motivating … access to high-quality awards and the flexibility to
“deliver it your way”.



In a world where time is our most precious resource, we rely heavily on the
idea that “if this doesn’t save time, then it’s a waste of time.” URewards is an
on-demand resource that sets up instantly, requires no IT integration from
your business, and no ongoing contracts or fees.

Our goal is to be there for you when you need us, and behind the scenes
when you don’t.